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Five-Year Program

Information about IMTH five-year plan application is as follows:

1. Qualifications: In the first two years of university (freshman, sophomore) academic grade average in the top 50% of the class and conduct scores above 75 points.

2. Registration period: Every year from July 1st to August 5th.

3. Submit information:

    (1) Application form.

    (2)Transcripts (please submit the results of the next semester of freshman to junior year).

    (3)Autobiography (written in English).

    (4)The learning experience (which may include special reports, essay publications, honors related to the motivation for applying for the exam, award deeds, and other evidence; relevant certificates are preferred).

4. Tests: Material Review 40% + Interview 60%

5. Prep students should get a degree and take a graduate entrance exam (either direct entry or regular exam) to be admitted and qualified as graduate students.

6. Pre-graduate students with a score of 70 or more in the master's course selected during the university period can apply for credit deduction in the semester of the graduate school entrance. The credit deduction to be credited is up to two-thirds of the required credits for the master's program (not including Master Thesis), which is the upper limit of 22 credits. The remaining credits (including the Master Thesis) should be studied after obtaining the master's degree.

Five-Year Program Application Form